10 Hours EDT Lessons from only €500 Manual
and €600 for Automatic

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ACE Driving School is available for driving students six days a week, at times that are compatible with the level that each student is ready to undertake (i.e. easy traffic times, heavier traffic, night driving, etc.

Each new driver will learn how to tackle various driving conditions, including wet weather, narrow country roads, residential areas, roundabouts, traffic lights, hills, use of the handbrake, larger roads / dual carriageways and different traffic scenarios.

Students are fully covered by the school’s comprehensive insurance package while using the school vehicles, being picked up or dropped off, or undertaking the driving test in the training vehicle; use of personal vehicles will require all relevant insurances, NCT and road tax to be up-to-date.

The school vehicles are dual-controlled, which many people find reassuring as they learn. The Instructor can monitor each new driver carefully and intervene when necessary.
Novice drivers will be started off in a non-traffic area, where they will be taught the basic principles of vehicle controls, gears, clutch-management, before having to move onto controlling the vehicle in an on-road situation.

All our school vehicles are fully insured, Nct / Doe, taxed and all Instructors are fully licenced RSA Approved Driving Instructors.

There are different hourly rates offered, based on your chosen length of time for individual lessons, and we can customise these to fit in with particular schedules and personal situations. For example, you may choose from an hourly rate, a two-hourly rate, or a twelve-lesson EDT prepaid rate, among others. Please refer to the PRICES section for a complete breakdown of pricing options.

EDT Prep Lesson
EDT prep lessons are for the very nervous, novice driver, who is worried about starting the EDT (Essential Driver Training) lessons.
They are specially designed with you in mind = to help you get started with driving.

Remember you’ve tried the rest now try the BEST !!!

All our Instructors are Fetac Qualified, Rsa approved, Fas Registered Instructors.


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