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Useful Info

The driving test in Cork is straightforward.

For cars, it will last approximately 35/40 minutes

Part of your Driving Test will Include

  • Questions on the Rules of the Road (including identifying road signs); demonstrating hand signals;
  • Reversing round a corner;
  • A turnabout in the road; it used to be known as the three-point turn.
  • A hill start.
  • Driving approximately five miles under a variety of road and traffic conditions.

What you need on the day of your test.

  • Bring your learner permit License and the letter you get from the RSA (Road Safety Authority).
  • Show up about 20 minutes before the test to park your car to your liking in the center's car park. Reversing into the parking bay will give you a much easier start than having to begin with a reverse out of the parking space.
  • Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy for the test. When the tester goes to your car the tester will check the insurance disc, motor tax disc and NCT discs, (the latter if appropriate), on the car windscreen. The tester will then check the tyres, indicators (back and front) and brake lights on your vehicle. Make sure they are working otherwise your test may be cancelled and your fee lost.
  • There must be L-plates on the Vehicle front and rear - i.e. L in red with a white background.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Secondary controls as you may be asked to show how a check would be performed on the engine's Coolant level, the Vehicles Steering (via the Steering fluid level), the engines Brakes (via the Brake fluid level), the engines oil level, the windscreen wash fluid level, the condition of the tyres and / or the Vehicles reflectors.

Read through the Rules of the Road with specific attention to Road Signs and Hand Signals.


Recent enhancements to the test mean that you should ensure that:

  • You know how to operate the secondary controls, such as windscreen wipers and washers, demisters, rear window heater, lights and air-conditioning where fitted. You must also know how to adjust the seat, seat-belt, and mirrors and ensure the doors are closed;
  • In the case of a vehicle and trailer, you must know how to uncouple and recouple the trailer from/to the drawing vehicle;

Passengers other than the driver tester and/or RSA officers are not permitted to accompany you in the vehicle during the practical test. The tester may be accompanied on test for training/supervisory purposes. While the accompanying officer may take notes, s/he has no input into the conduct or outcome of the test.


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